Thursday, April 14, 2016

Origami Bouquets for Rhode Island Hospital Patients

(Left to Right) Elementary School 3 Art
Teacher Kayleigh Smith, Artist Joyce Kutty,
and Art Director Michelle Turner. 
       Many of you may remember from attending or from reading our blog post about the event, that our recent For Art's Sake Scholar Art Show featured workshops presented by guest artist, Joyce Kutty (See the blog post here.) Throughout the day, Joyce lead groups of visitors through tutorials on how to make origami flowers. This alone was a great experience for art show attendees, but Joyce makes paper flowers for a deeper purpose beyond her love of origami.

       For the past 3 years, Joyce Kutty Designs has been crafting beautiful bouquets out of origami flowers for the patients at Rhode Island Hospital. While in school, she learned from a friend in the medical field that many patients, especially those with cancer undergoing treatment, cannot receive real flowers. Inspired to brighten the days of patients, Joyce started gifting her hand-crafted bouquets.

       The paper flowers carefully made by participants in her workshops were turned into 3 bouquets that were delivered today by Joyce, BVP's Art Director Michelle Turner, and Elementary School 3 Art Teacher Kayleigh Smith.

Joyce Kutty and Arielle Lee, nurse at The
Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island
       Arielle Lee, RN, BSN, and nurse at The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital who has known Joyce throughout the three years she has been making these deliveries had this to say:
"The beautiful origami bouquets by Joyce Kutty, created in conjunction with the students from Blackstone Valley Prep, are such a wonderful and welcomed gift to our patients and The Comprehensive Cancer Center. We cannot have real flowers in our cancer center, so our patients who are facing difficult diagnoses and treatments especially appreciate this creative gift to brighten their days."
       We are truly thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to Joyce's work and support her contributions to Rhode Island Hospital.

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