Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BVP in Six Words

"Be proud of your difference."

"BVP has changed my whole life."

"Eight hours of school, worth it."

       If you've ever tuned in during a #BVPSnowDay chat on Twitter you know that we're fans of six word stories. On these days, we often ask staff to reflect on their work at BVP through a series of tweets using only six words, but our love of six word stories extends beyond snowy days at home. 

       In our schools, six world stories (or memoirs) are included in unit plans. Last year, scholars were challenged to write a Six-World Memoir about themselves and create a visual to go with it. After seeing the potential in the project, use of these memoirs was expanded throughout our 2015-16 curriculum. The results have been fantastic and we're happy to share that our work, specifically in our 6th Grade English Language Arts Classes, has been featured on the Six Word Memoir website. We invite you to take a look and learn more about how we built this activity into our lesson plans. Click here to view the feature

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