Thursday, March 31, 2016

BVP's Chess Team: A Season to Have Pride in

BVP Scholars with their trophies!
By BVP Chess Coach, Stuart Pink.

       As you walk into a BVP school, you will probably start to notice a growing collection of chess trophies! That's because our chess teams and players have just had their most successful season ever. 2015-2016 marks the 4th year that we have fielded teams in the Rhode Island Scholastic League and we achieved our highest finishing positions yet!

       For the first time, we entered a middle school team and they finished very respectably as 8th in a tough league among outstanding chess players. The team of Liam Carroll, Sophia Lombardi, Will Barden, Jordi Lara, and newcomer Roderick Beaubrun all fought hard games and contributed many points to the team throughout the season.

       As our strength in depth increases at the Elementary School level, we had separate Elementary School 1 (ES1) and Elementary School 2 (ES2) teams this year that were very evenly matched. In fact, the individual match between ES1 and ES2 was a 2-2 tie! In the end, ES1 came 3rd in the league and ES2 came 4th in the league, just half a point behind.

Scholar Vaishnavi 
Vaijaeepay with her trophy!
       At the end of season state championships, our middle school team came in 3rd and a joint elementary team came 2nd in their respective competitions. Scholar Vaishnavi Vaijaeepay from ES2 also took an individual 1st in this event, too!

       Chess is a wonderfully inclusive activity that allows players of different ages, genders, and backgrounds to compete on a level playing field. It is exciting to bring scholars from 3 BVP schools together on a regular basis for coaching and chess events. Our tournament in December 2015 had 33 scholars from BVP participate! This year we have also started teaching chess at ES3, so we're looking forward to our BVP chess family continuing to grow.

As in past years, we have again been very fortunate to have parent volunteers (Lori Barden, Lisa Bowie, Melissa Lawson, and Erika Sanzi) who have invested an enormous amount of time and energy into chess at BVP. Our achievements would not have been possible without them.

If you or your scholar is interested in playing chess locally, click here for more information.

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