Thursday, January 28, 2016

National School Choice Week Series Part 4: Who We Serve

       Every child is different. We think everyone can easily agree with that statement. Every child is a unique combination of traits including heritage, likes and dislikes, learning styles, and so much more. It is our belief that truly embracing diversity means not only building a community that is racially and socioeconomically diverse, but also building one that allows scholars to grow into their individuality, take in information in the way most natural to them, and supporting social and emotional growth along the way.

       So when we are asked who our scholars are and we broadly answer “all kids,” we truly mean it. Finding innovative ways to support every child’s education is a top priority for us, including those with clearly defined special needs as well as those who may need additional supports from time to time. BVP's dedicated team of educators is deeply committed to 100%.

*Graphics reflect statistics for the 2014-2015 school year.

       One of our parents had this to share:
I have an older son that has Autism and has been in the Public School system. I fought with special education programs for too many years. That's why school choice is so important to me, I have two children in BVP and I had the opportunity to choose them as the best option for my children’s needs. One of my younger children is now being tested and may be on the spectrum. I find comfort in knowing that whatever happens, I have the right to find a program that will fit him and choose where he will go to school.” - Kelly Foley
       Long after National School Choice Week is over, we hope that parents throughout Rhode Island and the U.S. remember that it is their right to seek out the best school environment for their child. In the end, that’s what school choice is all about.


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