Wednesday, January 27, 2016

National School Choice Week Series Part 3: Parent Satisfaction

      School choice has enabled families to consider their options and ultimately decide if one school environment will suit their child’s specific needs better than another.

       Current BVP families take it upon themselves to do informal outreach and share their testimonial with family and friends, and we are immensely grateful to our families for doing so. Year after year, families who attend open houses and tour BVP for the first time tell us they first heard about our schools through a neighbor or friend whose children already attend BVP. Truly, it has been families who are our biggest cheerleaders. 

       Family voice is also a critical piece to BVP's desire to constantly reflect and improve our practice.  We survey families up to three times yearly and take feedback very seriously. Happily, we found that 93% of families who completed the survey shared that they were “extremely” or “quite likely” to recommend BVP to a friend. We’re proud of this statistic and even more proud that this result has never been below 90% in all the years we have conducted surveys.

       It means the world to us that so many parents have so many fantastic things to share. As we celebrate National School Choice week, and we are reminded of the decision our families made to choose BVP and entrust us with their children, we would like to share some of these anonymous comments with you.
“I think the teachers and faculty at BVP are doing an amazing job. The school has exceeded my expectations and I consider my child very lucky to be able to be a student here.”
“BVP is doing great on every aspect, [I] could not have ask for a better school. BVP meets all the expectations a parent could [ask] for. Thankful for having my kids enrolled in such a great school.” 
“Love the school, love the teachers, and the expectations they have towards the students. I don't see my daughter in any other school.”
“My child has learned so many new things since starting BVP and he is only in kindergarten. I am amazed at how wonderfully his teachers work. I really like how they teach students current events because in today’s world, it's very important. I am excited to find out what else my child will learn in his upcoming years at BVP.”
“I feel the school does an exceptional job at preparing my children academically!! Both of my scholar's grades always exceed my expectations and I am so grateful to the teachers and staff for that!!!! Wonderful job BVP keep up the great work!!!!”
“My scholar has learned so much in such a short period of time everything she does at school she practices at home on her own! Love all the great communication and family involvement.”
“The PLP (Personalized Learning Platform) has been a blessing. Our daughter frequently got bored in school. Now she likes school. Motivated and excited about college.”
“I feel as though the PRIDE values are the core of BVP. We talk about those values at home. Not only are my children becoming prepared for the world intellectually, they are learning how to become good citizens through those PRIDE values. Thank you BVP!”
       While we still believe there are more innovations to make and even more goals to reach, these comments and others like them reaffirm for us that what we’re doing at BVP is making a difference. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts as part of the trimester 1 family survey. Please know that your words have been heard and you have motivated us to keep moving forward.

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