Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National School Choice Week Series Part 2: Our Results

       At BVP, we work hard. Families, scholars, and staff - everyone here puts in 100% (cien por ciento!) We believe that when you set high expectations and provide supports where they are needed, people rise to the occasion. Time and time again our results demonstrate this belief holds true.

We see it in our attendance* which is consistently higher than state averages:
*yellow denotes elementary, white - middle school and, grey - high school
       We also see it in how much lower our chronic absenteeism is than the state averages:

*yellow denotes elementary, white - middle school and, grey - high school
       More than anything, we see it in our scholar’s academic success. Recent PARCC test data showed that BVP scholars outperformed Rhode Island PARCC test averages in both Math & English Language Arts (ELA.)

       Even more poignant, data showed that BVP low-income scholars outperformed non low-income students attending traditional public schools in Rhode Island. BVP scholars also exceeded the weighted sending district average of the four communities we serve. 

       But, why? We believe that these results are achieved through a combination of rigor, high expectations, and innovative curriculum. One example of this is the Personalized Learning Model that is the foundation of our high school.

       Personalized learning is a model for learning created to provide an individualized environment designed to provide scholars the time they need to be academically successful while providing the support they need to get there. At BVP, we implement personalized learning with the use of one-to-one ChromeBooks assigned to every scholar, a self-paced personalized learning platform, and a team of dedicated teachers and staff who provide the content expertise and supportive environment necessary for success in this rigorous program.

       At California’s Summit Public Schools, the Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) was created with the help of developers from Facebook allowing students to visibly see the progress they make on their required coursework. Our scholars use this online system to track their individual progress through lessons, core content areas, and electives.

       Personalized learning is, without a doubt, different in comparison to the traditional high school model and, we believe, pivotal to achieving our goal of preparing every scholar for success in college and the world beyond. To share why that is, we asked a BVP High School parent and scholar to share their perspective on how the PLP helps prepare scholars for their future.

My son Elija previously attended a traditional public school and frequently tells me how much more he enjoys classes at BVP. With the Personalized Learning Platform he feels much more prepared for his future and is confident that having the opportunity to personalize his learning is helping him discover what type of a learner he is - a skill he will need to be a successful, independent college student. He feels that the dynamic, community learning experience he takes part in keeps him more engaged and interested in his academic progress. Knowing that this is the experience he is having in high school, and how inspired he has become to learn, I couldn’t be more confident that he will be poised to rise to the expectations of university life.” - Lisa Gomes

       Considering the numbers and what our parents have to say, we feel that thinking outside the box to achieve results has been the right approach. So, we’re going to keep pushing - because we’ve just gotten started

*All Graphs reflect data from the 2014-2015 school year.

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