Friday, December 4, 2015

Why I Work at BVP

             Close to a year ago, after spending the majority of my career in hospitality, small business and communications, I found myself reevaluating where I wanted my career to go. As I delved into what my skills were and what I felt passion for, I kept coming back to the same thought - whatever I decided to do, I needed to know that I would be contributing to real, positive change. The reality of a career is that most of us spend the majority of our lives doing it. So, for me that meant that I needed to connect with the driving mission behind any company I would consider working for. I networked, volunteered, soul searched and looked online. A few months into my search at the suggestion of a friend volunteering with me, I learned about Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) and everything came into focus.
Elementary School 2 scholars in art class.

       "Lead. Succeed. Transform."

       When you visit the career page for BVP that's the first thing you read and since my first day with BVP, I've found it to be true. BVP is a place for professionals, leaders and educators to lead the way with groundbreaking curriculum, succeed by expanding their horizons with ongoing professional development and transform the world with a company culture centered around intentional diversity.

       At BVP I am surrounded by people who believe that 100% of scholars are capable of achieving great success, who teach the value of equity, and who constantly re-imagine what education looks like. Every single person here is wholeheartedly dedicated to our mission, and I couldn't be more proud to be one of them. 

Elementary School 1 scholars enjoying a guest reader.
       As an organization growing to serve our overwhelming demand, we are looking for people to join our team. If you are also someone who wants to make an impact, believes in the potential of every child and shares our passion for diversity, I invite you to explore what BVP has to offer. With an array of positions ranging from immediate openings to positions starting in August, there are many opportunities for like-minded professionals to become part of BVP.

       For more information about BVP or to see our full listing of open positions, click here.

Sabrina Solares-Hand is part of BVP's Network Support Team as External Affairs Associate and is also part of Education Pioneer's Greater Boston Cohort as a Visiting Fellow. 

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