Friday, December 18, 2015

Preparing for the World Beyond: BVP High School Career Day

       There are many things we all remember from high school. Things like cheerleaders at homecoming games and the SAT's just to name a few. This week our high school scholars took part in yet another traditional high school event, career day. Part of our mission is preparing our scholars for "the world beyond" and that includes what their career paths will be after college. Scholars welcomed over 20 professionals, including some BVP parents, with various careers in fields including engineering, computer science and hospitality.

       Scholars had the opportunity to hear from guest speakers about the path they took to their career and ask them questions in small groups. As always, we were impressed by the depth of the questions our scholars asked! After rotating through several small groups our scholars also had the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions.

       As our high school continues to evolve, we look forward to many more firsts and future opportunities to prepare our scholars for the "world beyond".

       A big thank you to our guest speakers for making our first ever career day a success!

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