Friday, October 9, 2015

Science at Elementary School 1

By Sophia Lambertsen, Science Chair and Teacher at Elementary School 1 (ES1)

Miss Lambertsen grew up in Philadelphia and is psyched to b​e part of the team teaching the scholar-scientists at ​Elementary School ​1. She loves telling jokes with her friends, coming up with wacky outfits to excite elementary fashionistas, using her imagination to think about her favorite animal the brown bear, and trying science experiments at home. Each year she learns as much from her scholars as they learn for her​.

Earlier this week I had an amazing day. It was especially memorable because I got to spend time in all five of our science classrooms at Elementary School 1 (mine included) and see some awesome stuff. Having spent that time, I wanted to share everyone’s hard work with our BVP community. Here’s what’s going on in science:
  • Kindergarten: Scholars are learning about types of weather and engaging in argument using evidence to explain what the weather is like outside. Scholars had a seriously evidence-based debate about whether the day was windy or sunny. Their teacher supported instruction by having a scholar use his breath to move a tissue, getting into the degrees of windiness possible here on earth.
  • First Grade: Scholars are using observational evidence to compare “Gastropod Structures” (the body parts of slimy slugs and snails) in order to ascertain the differences and similarities between snails and slugs. Their teacher had them synthesizing information gathered from multiple sources to make claims about organism bodies.
  • Second Grade: Scholars are collecting data related to weather so they went on an adventure outside where they got some time to check in with themselves and nature. As we all know, scholar-collected data is wildly engaging for our kids, and is going to allow them to go to great lengths as they move into making evidence-based arguments and analyzing weather trends.
  • Third Grade: Scholars are mastering density as it relates to water temperature and different materials. Kids in this class took part in a density demonstration as they watched items of the same size behave very differently when dropped in a tub of water. Their teacher took it to the next level in terms of critical thinking by tying this sinking and floating in water to a helium balloon’s sinking and floating in air.
  • Fourth grade: In this grade scholars are wrapping up their plant unit and getting into animals. They welcomed crayfish into the classroom that day, but to give their new friends a moment to adjust to the magic of their lives as elementary school pets, scholars spent the day working on Fossweb and Google Docs.
The teachers leading science instruction at Elementary School 1 work really hard everyday, as they do in our other schools. I am so proud to share that science K-4th grade is going amazingly in our building and feel that our scholars are getting access to teaching and learning that they would not get elsewhere. We are grateful to have such wonderful staff and couldn't possibly thank them enough for their amazing work!

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