Friday, October 23, 2015

Community Leaders Celebrate Literacy with BVP Scholars!

In honor of Read for the Record Day October 22nd, we decided to make the whole week about celebrating literacy and invited community leaders to be part of the first ever Community Leaders & Literacy Week!
Our celebration was kicked off with Central Falls Mayor and BVP Board Chair James Diossa in Elementary School 2’s Providence College classroom.  The Mayor left scholars with a really important fun fact to remember: Reading is exercise for our brains.  Our scholars agreed!
At the very same time, but a little ways down the street at Elementary School 1, The Northern RI Chamber of Commerce joined Providence College, Texas A&M, and Salve Regina University scholars for a fun literacy experience.  After reading his book, John Gregory, decided to pose criss-cross apple sauce with scholars for a photo!
Tuesday’s guests hail from two of our sending districts, Central Falls and Pawtucket. Police Chief James Mendonca and Senator Elizabeth Crowley started their work day with Stonehill College and University of Florida scholars. After he read, “Where the Wild Things Are”, it was hard to stop Chief Mendonca from smiling as scholars posed for a silly faces picture!
Second grade scholars from Bryant University were excited to host our Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea! Secretary Gorbea was a natural in the classroom engaging scholars in a short, but lively civics discussion. The highlight of the visit was when she read a bilingual book in English and in Spanish and had every single scholar hooked.  Some scholars demonstrated excitement in hearing their home language spoken by a community leader, others hung on to every word even if it wasn’t their first language. What an experience! Que experiencia!
The next morning, State Representative Shelby Maldonado was pleasantly surprised to walk into University of Tennessee to learn that scholars had her general assembly page pulled up as they got acquainted with her work! Representative Maldonado had some help from scholar Gabriella as she read the book, “Not Norman” in honor of Read for the Record Day!
Our literacy week celebration ended with a group of visitors from Collette, our generous partner who has committed to helping instill a love of reading throughout the year.  This is one of many initiatives that they will support and we are very grateful for that.
What a great week it was for scholars, teachers, and guests in our schools as we celebrated our love for books, literacy, and community leaders!

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