Thursday, August 20, 2015

Parents as Partners, Stakeholders and Agents of Change

By Stephanie Gonzalez, External Affairs Associate - Advocacy and Outreach for Blackstone Valley Prep.

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On July 18th, we hosted a family day for incoming kindergarten scholars and families. As I was walking around, I noticed a young woman whom I had met while doing outreach for the lottery earlier this year. I was really excited to see her because when we last spoke, she shared that she had been applying for 5 years with no luck.  I approached her and told her I was excited to see that she had been accepted and she responded, “I know! I got very emotional when I received the letter. After so many years of trying, we’re finally in!” She is one example of thousands of mothers who year after year are hopeful for a call with someone on the other end saying, “Your daughter has been accepted to Blackstone Valley Prep!”

Hers is a happy ending. Unfortunately, the stories without happy endings far outweigh the happy ones. It’s those stories, the close to 2,000 kids on our waiting list, and our mission that inspires me to advocate strongly for high-quality public school choice options.  I invite you to join me in taking this work to the next level as we enter the new school year.

I am excited to announce that next month we are launching Blackstone Valley Prep’s first Parent Advocacy Fellowship, a leadership opportunity consisting of a series of workshops to engage and empower parents to be leaders in advocacy for their child and school. As I continue to do this work, I am reminded that it is most powerful when parents become our partners and leaders in this movement.  Will you join me? #parentsaspartners

We need your voice, your truth, and your leadership to be at the forefront of that work.

Please click HERE for a flyer describing the fellowship and click HERE for the application form. Interested BVP families should submit the form OR email me at by Thursday, September 3rd, 2015.

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