Sunday, August 30, 2015

“It” is the Day Before the First Day of School

The day before the first day of school is such an incredibly exciting, awesome, and terrifying time.  As BVP prepares to open our doors to about 1,400 scholars tomorrow, just like the day before my first day of teaching back in 1995, I am full of butterflies. Even more so, as a parent of 3 scholars, those butterflies are front and center.

I thrilled that as we enter YEAR SEVEN at BVP we have taken lessons learned along the way to improve “It” - everything that is BVP.  Even more exciting is that we haven’t yet learned all there is to know. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. At BVP we value this opportunity, and we know that it means each successive year will be better than the last.  

As an example, one of our most recent and exciting advances was the inclusion of #BVPHighSchool scholars as Summer Academy Teaching Assistants (TAs). Some of us were looking to provide our teachers with extra support in their classrooms. Some of us were looking for authentic ways to provide real employment experiences to our scholars. Some of us were brainstorming ways to improve our teacher-talent pipeline. Despite the variety of motivating factors, the result was clear: our TAs received extraordinarily high ratings from their teaching supervisors, and we hope to continue some version of “It” for a long time to come.

If there is anything that I’ve learned in my time at BVP, it is that “It” is not going to look exactly like I think it’s going to look. “It” is not going to go according to plan.  Yet I have deep confidence in the flexibility and commitment to our scholars that will drive the entire staff at BVP to make whatever changes are required when “It” doesn’t go according to plan. This is one of the many reasons that “It” IS going to be AWESOME!

I wish all scholars, teachers, support staff, and families best of skill (and a little luck, too) as we enter this most exciting 2015-16 school year.  Now let’s go do “It”!

Flor Ardon Cante, a rising sophomore at #BVPHighSchool and Summer Academy Teaching Assistant, working with three BVP rising kindergarten scholars

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