Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hard Work!

When we talk about #hardwork at BVP, we are talking about every minute of every day.  We are talking about sweaty brows.  We are talking about writing until our fingers hurt.

Our uniform supports this level of discipline.

Our new MS uniform accessory underscores how serious we are:

And, coming soon, the BVP Headband:


  1. Wristbands maybe, but I think the headbands might be a reach. I believe that the wristbands will improve the support for the wrist, but there could be an issue with rashes and or bacteria build up as students wear them every day

  2. There is such a huge (international) outpouring of support since our announcement, that we are working with a funder to secure a number of high volume washing machines to address this very important point, Don. Thanks for flagging. I know our girls will look GREAT in headbands next year. #gotcollege