Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why I Support BVP, and How You Can Help Our Scholars This Holiday Season

By Jessica Waters, BVP Board Member

Whether you have already donated to BVP's annual appeal this year, volunteered, or helped our scholars and schools in another way (and there are many), thank you for your generous support.

As a board member I get a unique chance to intimately see the great work that BVP staff, school leaders, and educators are doing for scholars. The level of commitment in these adults in this organization always amazes me. This commitment inspires me to want to support in any way that I can, especially knowing the financial need of the organization as it grows to scale.

As an educator myself, I am keenly aware that classrooms and schools need more support. It is especially true of educators who are serving our most needy populations. I strongly believe that an excellent education will equip kids with the necessary skills to be successful adults.

As a Rhode Islander, I firmly believe that we need to support successful proof-points for what public schools can and should look like. BVP's vision is to improve public education for all Rhode Islanders, and our vision energizes me. Moreover, even though my own daughter remains on the BVP waiting-list, I believe that supporting BVP is actually helping to improve all Rhode Island public schools.

The dividends for donating to this organization are exponential. It makes me think of the proverbial saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." BVP schools are teaching kids to read, solve complex math problems, treat each other with respect, show pride, write, play instruments, and so much more. They are being prepared for college and careers and will eventually be successful adult members of my community. Furthermore, with a dollar for dollar match currently available, your gift will have double the impact.

If you have not already, come visit BVP to witness this great work firsthand. I know you will be inspired in the same way and you will be asking, "Why not support BVP?"

Donate to BVP here.


In addition to being a BVP board member, Jessica Waters was the 2013 Rhode Island Teacher of the Year. She taught high school science for six years, and is currently completing her training in a principal preparation program. 

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