Friday, December 19, 2014

RIDE Releases 2014 Science NECAP scores

Rhode Island released the spring 2014 Science NECAP scores for 4th and 8th graders statewide on Tuesday. BVP was 54% proficient or better in 4th grade (vs. a state average of 41%) and 19% in 8th grade (vs. a state average of 23%).

Commissioner Gist did provide this caveat in the RIDE release of the test scores:

We need to be aware that the science assessments have fewer questions and require a shorter testing time than our mathematics or reading assessments. Because there are relatively few questions on the NECAP science assessments, NECAP science scores may vary from year to year. We do not, however, use the science assessment as a promotion or graduation requirement for students, nor for school classifications, nor for educator evaluations.

The reality is that no matter how you analyze the data, our country, Rhode Island, and BVP all need to improve dramatically in terms of effectively teaching science.  Since the spring of 2014, BVP has worked hard to do this, overhauling curriculum, adopting and adapting a K-8 vertically aligned science sequence, as well as having dedicated science content teachers at the elementary levels who are able to focus on science instruction.”

Individual results will be made available to families after the new year. For a complete list of all Rhode Island Science NECAP results by school and district, click here.

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