Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What My Daughter and I Are Thankful For: Reflections from a BVP Parent and Scholar

BVP Giving Thanks Blog Series- Part II

By Kym Monteiro, BVP Elementary School 2 parent

Well, it seems like the easy answer to say we are thankful for our health, each other, and our family, but I think this year we have quite a few more things to add to that list.   

My daughter Autumn is in the first grade.  It’s our second year here at Blackstone Valley Prep, and we both have so much more to be thankful for as she gets older and enters a new grade.  (I don’t want to think about her going to second grade because I still look at her as my little nugget who is just a baby. Don’t tell her that, though— she considers herself a “big girl”).     

This year, we are so thankful for the new ES2 building on Broad Street.  It is just a great building and space.  My daughter LOVES the cafetorium and the new Kaboom playground, so I would say she is very thankful for that.    I asked her what she is thankful for about her school and she said that she is thankful for her teachers and her many friends.   

I too, am thankful for our BVP teachers and staff and our parent volunteers.   It’s the dedication of all those involved with BVP that makes me to want to try to make every FLC meeting, contribute to teacher donations, and/or just attend a school event because it is such a great environment filled with positivity.  

I can relate to my daughter’s gratitude for her friends because I am also thankful for all the new parents who I have met over the past two years.   Having great BVP parents who you can relate to or just talk with when you need to confirm a school event or a dress code is wonderful.   I treasure their friendships and know that we will be long-time friends even after our children graduate from college.     

One parent in particular that I am also personally very thankful for is my carpool mom, Liz Tavarez.  Her son Ethan Hannah is also in the first grade.   Without her, lord only knows how I would pick up my child every day from school.   Unfortunately, the bus is not an option for me.    I am also very thankful that she told me that we will be car pool moms until they graduate in 2026!   The thought of driving Autumn and Ethan to school every morning and seeing them get dropped off with big smiles as they enter their school building makes me feel very thankful knowing that Liz and I will be carpool moms for our entire BVP life! 

When I look at the entire picture, I am forever grateful, thankful, and so lucky to have had the choice to send my daughter to BVP. BVP is our second family and our home away from home.

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