Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pro-tip of the day: Mindset matters

As I'm re-reading/browsing (or reading for the first time - shhh...don't tell anyone) the summer prep list for new hires to BVP, I came across this video on Carol Dweck's study on praise and mindsets.  I had read about this study before, but the video here powerfully and simply conveys a message that is urgent for all parents, teachers, and anyone working with young people.

Please take five minutes and watch this video on the power of mindset:

As a parent, I know that I too often break this rule - I tell my children that they are smart and beautiful (they are!!).  And while seemingly counter-intuitive, telling them how smart they are is actually a terrible thing to do.  Instead, as Dweck suggests, PRAISE EFFORT!

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