Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog Series: What the end of another school year at BVP means to me

At the beginning of the school year, BVP Musings brought you a blog series all about what the first day of a new school year means to our leaders, families and scholars. Now, we follow-up with their reflections on the end of another successful school year!

By Jessica Bliss, BVP Elementary School 2 Parent

It seems like just last week I was telling you all about my excitement for the first day of school. Here we are coming up on the last day of the school year. What a year it has been!

My daughter has grown so much this year. She started out the year reading at STEP 5 (on the STEP Assessment), and she is finishing the year at STEP 9! Step 9!! The expected level for first graders at the end of the year is only STEP 6, and she has already reached the reading level of a second grader. She used to complain about sitting down to read, now she absolutely loves it and insists on reading to me. I miss the days of reading to her but love hearing her read to me even more. She's excelled at math and truly enjoys it. Her teachers even told me that she helps other scholars with their math. She's grown in all areas at BVP. She loves Music, Art and P.E. I love when she comes home and shares all that she's learned. Socially and academically, she is becoming all that I'd dreamed she would be. I can't believe another school year has passed.

The BVP community and FLC has put together so many fun events this year. At ES2 we had the pot luck, literacy nights, game night, a family dance and book fair, just to name a few. We've welcomed new parents and always encourage more to come and share their ideas at future FLC meetings. We've banded together and stayed up late fighting for the education that we believe in and made the new building at 52 Broad Street a reality. I'm so excited about the new building. I'm also confident that our BVP family will come together again to help our rock star teachers move to our new school!  

The end of the year is bitter sweet. My baby is growing. She is going to be a second grader! BVP is growing! I'm so proud and thankful for BVP and for school choice. My hope for the end of the year and future is that many more will be given the gift of school choice.
Lastly, we love BVP, but we love summer too!! I hope everyone-- especially the teachers and scholars-- make time to enjoy the nice weather. They've all worked so hard this year. I know that we will keep in touch with our friends over the summer! We will peruse twitter for updates. We will drive by the new building on the way to the beach or park! And don't worry, we'll work on the summer homework packet too...

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