Thursday, May 1, 2014

High School Team Comes Together for Very First Time

By Dr. Lori McEwen, BVP Director of Academics

This past weekend a small but important group met together for the first time. BVP founding high school staff members convened for a team retreat.  Guided by founding Head of School Jonathan Santos Silva, the group spent three days getting to know one another, designing classrooms and planning for meaningful instruction. 

Our time together was packed tight, giving the new staff a taste of the hard work and long hours that make BVP scholars and teachers so successful.  On Sunday, after a day filled with sessions on curriculum, space design and visioning, we formed a circle and shared the words that best described how we felt after these days together. Optimistic, determined, lucky, vindicated, excited, ready to learnthese were the thoughts and emotions voiced by the team. 

Me? I left feeling...

Impressed by our founding high school leader, Jonathan Santos Silva, whose vision for the high schoola place where the values of  liberty, community and advocacy are demonstrated by every adult and scholar and lived through our PRIDE valueswas palpable.

Humbled by the work of the entire BVP team, but especially by the ongoing commitment of our executive director, Jeremy Chiappetta, who beamed with pride and excitement as he shared the story of BVP’s history with the new team.  

Inspired by the diverse stories-of-self shared by the members of our founding team. In keeping with our commitment to intentional diversity, this assembled team brings diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and cultures with them to make our school rich.

Thrilled by the team’s willingness and ability to jump right in and not only participate, but also lead sessions for their new team (shout-out to David Jose and Jess Bunnell for their respective sessions on design thinking).

Grateful for our entire team, many of whom welcomed the new staff this weekend, and especially for Lina Musayev, our Associate Director.  Her attention to detail and project planning have ensured that we stay true to our values as we build this school for our scholars.

Overjoyed at the prospect of opening this school with this team in the fall.  Our scholars and families deserve our very best and I’m confident that we will deliver them a high school education that is personalized to meet their needs, full of joy and rigor, and designed to prepare them for success in college and the world beyond.

Of course, the words that matter most are those of the scholars who will matriculate this fall. What words describe how you feel about your new school? What would you say now, what will you say in one year? What will you say on graduation day?  


For more information about the high school and to learn more about the founding team members, be sure to visit our website.

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