Friday, March 14, 2014


Ms. Turner, BVP Art Director
With just five days until our first BVP Network-wide Art Show, “For Art’s Sake,” it goes without saying that our three schools’ art rooms are, well, “in active preparation.”  Simply put, walk in and you find piles.  Piles of artworks, piles of display boards, piles of certificates, staples, labels and to-do lists...  But at the heart of it all, you’ll find an art teacher, sometimes buried under the piles, but smiling ear to ear as we sift through mountains of creativity from the past seven months.  To some, it might appear that we’re simply matching names from a list to pictures.  It’s so much more.   It’s in these frazzling hours before a show when an art teacher relives the moments when our scholars pour out their souls through crayons, paint, chalk, clay and many other mediums: creating piles of their hearts and minds.  Months of prodding, encouraging, inspiring…sweat and energy, all organized into piles.
An art show is a unique record of the artistic process.  Art instruction not only covers the foundations of the making of art, but it deals with the personal involvement that goes into the creation of art.  Art is a language, a creative process that enables our scholars to communicate their ideas, feelings and personal experiences.  As art has been an essential part of every civilization, it provides opportunities for scholars to learn about their culture, their place in it and develop an understanding of others.  Through creating art, thinking about art, writing and talking about art, we’re providing our scholars with a better understanding of how their artistic efforts are connected to the vast history of art and aesthetics.

It is our sincere hope that many of you will join us on Wednesday, March 19th at the Pawtucket Visitor’s Center between 6:00-8:00pm at the Pawtucket Visitor Center  (175 Main Street).  It will be a unique opportunity for you to see your scholars in a different light.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask them questions about their art and perhaps learn something new about them.  Please mention For Art’s Sake to your scholars, encourage them to attend, for when they see you excited and supportive, the energy continues home.  
Shameless plug... you can get your very own "got art" t-shirt 
by coming next Wednesday to For Art's Sake!

In the meantime, you’ll continue to find your art teachers scurrying around and about.  If you don’t see us for quite some time, please make an effort to look…we might be buried under a pile and we’ll need some help getting out.

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