Thursday, October 17, 2013

What being able to play the violin means to me, a BVP Fourth Grader!

Last night, BVP Elementary School 1 (ES1) scholars received the violins they will be playing all year.  As many of you know, every third grade scholar at BVP has a violin, and all fourth graders have the opportunity to play the violin, cello, or viola as part of their music class.  

Ms. Sousa, music teacher at ES1, asked a group of fourth graders what playing the violin meant to them. Here is what they said:

"What violin means to me is being able to have the confidence in myself to be anything I want to be. It can lead you to accomplishing your dreams and knowing that you can get there no matter what." -Gianna

"What violin means to me is giving me the inspiration to push myself to be a better musician and scholar because I now know I can do anything I put my mind to." -Valeria

"What violin means to me is giving me the opportunity to do something that a lot of kids around here do not get to do and it makes my life interesting and unique." -Sofia

"What violin means to me is giving me the experience to be part of something, and that's an awesome feeling to have." -Maddox

"Violin changed my life because now my mom is more proud of me than she has ever been before. She really sees how important the violin is to me and how great I can be at it after all the hard work I have put into learning." -Nailea

"What violin means to me is giving me a journey into melodies and musical possibilities I never thought I would be able to hear or even play. It makes me a more creative person and I can share that with other people." -Daniela

"Playing the violin means experiencing my passion everyday when I pick up my violin. Being able to do that makes my life more exciting and proud of what I do." -Sreyas

"Playing the violin means always getting to do something fun and feeling good about what I am doing. It makes me feel accomplished and passionate about playing." -Bruce

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