Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Updates from Innovation Powered by Technology 2013: Thoughts from BVP High School Designer Jonathan Santos Silva

Last week was an exciting one in the world of high school design! I spent Saturday, October 5th at Innovation Powered by Technology 2013, an education technology conference organized by RIDE. I was amazed by the work being done at Pleasant View Elementary School, a Providence school that is using technology to better serve students and build stronger relationships. Dr. Gara Field’s vision is an inspiration as we design a blended high school model. 

Another highlight of the conference was meeting exciting vendors from all over the United States. There were too many to list here, but my favorites were Ponder and Newsela. They are both dedicated to supporting non-fictional literacy (a biggy on Common Core-aligned tests like PARCC) and they are very scholar-friendly. Ms. Fagan at the Middle School is already using Newsela, and scholars are loving it! It’s great to see scholars personalizing their learning and enjoying it in the process thanks to innovative technology. Replicating this sort of high-engagement work at the high school is certainly a high priority. We have 322 days to get it right!

All in for Day 1!

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