Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scholar Ambassador Reflects on Experience as Founding Scholar, Looks Forward to Year Ahead

On October 22, a group of over 20 scholars met after school to kick off the year as BVP Scholar Ambassadors. Below, one of the club’s members reflects on her experience as a founding scholar and club member and previews what’s ahead for the school year. 

Marissa Kanakry, College Class of 2022

As an incoming fifth grader, I was really scared and nervous. I remember dreading attending the open houses, and I was really, really sad to leave my friends. Being a part of the founding class was really awesome now that I think about it. I was really scared at first because I knew "all eyes would be on us." It meant that there would be a lot of attention focusing on things we did wrong, but there'd also be lots of attention focusing on things we did right.  The first day of "Prep Academy" was in August, and we were learning more about the expectations for us as fifth graders at BVP. I came home after my first day of school to a phone call from my grandparents and balloons from my mom. I really didn't understand why everyone was so happy for me, but later it clicked: everyone was proud because I'd done something really amazing. I had tried something new. Life is all about taking chances, and those chances do something great for you in the end, even if you don't realize it in the beginning.

Knowing that many new scholars will be as nervous as I was, I want to help make their first year as easy and stress-free as possible. Being an ambassador lets me help those scholars, and it makes me less stressed to see that they are having/going to have a good time in school. Scholar ambassadors attend events like celebrations for newly accepted scholars and open houses. I really enjoy attending things like this because I get to meet the scholars and families that are joining our BVP family. When I was a fifth grader here at BVP, there were no other grades or role models to look up to. I love being the role model to those 5th graders, and that's why I joined Scholar Ambassadors.

In Scholar Ambassador Club we also give tours to scholars and adults. Many times, meeting with a scholar like me is the very first impression many families and scholars have of our school. One afternoon last year, I was giving a tour to three mothers and their scholars. I wasn't nervous one bit! I was SO excited actually. When I first introduced myself to them I said, "I'm like a golden retriever. I love meeting new people," which is true! After observing a class, I explained in the hallway that one of the special experiences here at BVP is getting a chance to have a relationship with the teachers. Teachers care about scholars academically and in life outside of school. You can even call teachers up until 9 o'clock at night with any problems that have to do with school or life at home. Nobody said anything, so I think they were stunned.  This is the education parents want for their kids. I think in that moment, it finally clicked for people about what was missing in their child's education.

I'm personally looking forward to this year as a Scholar Ambassador because I want to show people what BVP has to offer and how we are setting 100% of scholars up for a great future. I'm looking forward to sharing our culture and community with those who are just getting to know us and can’t wait until they, too, become part of our family. 

To learn more about how you can take a tour of BVP with our scholar ambassadors, keep checking our website at You may also direct questions to Ms. Bunnell at or Ms. Sitkus at

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