Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What the First Day of a New School Year Means to Me: A BVP Blog Series

 Thoughts from a Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) Mayoral Academy Parent

What does the first day of school mean to me?

It means getting back into a routine, early wake-ups, sleepy faces, brushing long hair, big kisses and hugs, buses and happiness— happiness not because I'm the mom who wants to rush summer along, but because I just don't want to hear “I’m bored!” again. 

Mostly, though, I want it to move along because I simply can't wait to be part of this amazing community at BVP again. I can't wait to learn about all the exciting leaps and bounds my daughter will make in first grade. Her education at BVP has gone so far above my expectations. I'm thrilled that she will be surrounded by friends, teachers and staff that she loves. I really couldn't ask for better.

I'm also excited for myself! I'm looking forward to being involved with my daughters’ education, meeting her new teachers and helping out in any way that I can. The Family Leadership Council (FLC)! What more can I say? I love the FLC and hanging out with all the new friends I've made there. I encourage all families to come to a FLC meeting and see what it's all about, share your ideas to help better the community, and get involved in some awesome events— all while making great friends.

At this point, with the first day right around the corner, the only thing that would make everything complete would be for my daughter’s school— BVP Elementary School 2— to have a permanent home. As we seek approval for this at 52 Broad Street in Cumberland, I'm emotional.  This would be so amazing for the community. Not only would more families be given the choice to send their children to BVP for many years to come, we would have a beautiful building to call home, and an awesome playground for all children in the community to utilize.

It is my greatest hope that other parents and families will have the chance to feel what I will on this first day of school: immense pride and gratitude for the opportunity to send my child to a high quality public school in my community. 

Jessica Bliss
Proud BVP ES2 Mom, Life-long Cumberland Resident

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